Healing With Vogel Crystals

From Celia: Marcel Vogel was a great asset for IBM where he worked as a researcher from 1957 to 1984. He was a self-educated scientist who gained dozens of patents, one of them for the magnetic coating on the 24” hard disk drive systems that we still use today. During the ten years before he joined IBM, his own company – Vogel Luminescence – developed many new products including the brilliant, luminescent colors used for New Age posters and psychedelic art.

When he was six years old and terribly ill with pneumonia, Vogel had a Near Death Experience (NDE) that changed his life. He said that he had seen extraordinary light and felt a sense of great love and wellbeing. Soon afterwards he became curious about what made the fireflies in his yard glow. His life-long curiosity, creativity, and brilliance led him from one scientific study to another: from fireflies to luminescence, to human-plant communication, to quartz crystals, to the relationship between crystals and water, and to the power of love.

Marcel Vogel discovered a way to process quartz crystals so that they can be used for healing.

Jack Stucki is a musician and biofeedback practitioner who opened one of the first stress reduction clinics in America. He now uses many modalities in his healing work including sound, music, and crystals, especially Vogel crystals.

An Introduction to Healing With Vogel Crystals

By Jack Stucki

I first found out about these healing crystals when I attended a gem show in 1996 and met Paul Jensen who was demonstrating a device designed by Vogel.  Vogel had dreamed of creating a unit that would use multiple crystals but Jensen was the one who created and constructed it. Within about 30 seconds of lying on a massage table with the crystals aimed at my body, I felt so good that I knew I wanted to use one in my practice. Then I began to learn more about Vogel, an unassuming man who gave us a very fine way in to the heart of healing.

Although he attended college in California, Vogel’s poor health kept him from graduating. Instead he took a non-standard path of exploration and discovery and became expert in a number of areas that fascinated him. He followed his curiosity with great intelligence and, more importantly, he used his intuition. Theosophist author A.P. Sinnett wrote that,
“We hide our information in a safe box, the key to which is intuition.”
Vogel had that key. He tested what he found with careful, step-by-step experimentation so he could develop trustworthy evidence and then, practical applications.

To know about Vogel’s independent way of gaining knowledge is encouraging for people like me who haven’t always followed the ordinary professional track. When I was young I was put in the dumb class and had to develop my own way of figuring things out. This has often been an  advantage in my life. It freed me to try unorthodox techniques – like using crystals for healing – and to look for what really works. And, like Vogel, I’ve been able to be open to information given through intuition, visions, and dreams.

Crystals can receive, store, and transmit information. We are surrounded by technologies that use this capacity. Computers, calculators, and cars, for example, contain microchips that use single silicon crystals.

Vogel wrote:
“The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. When it’s cut to the proper form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection, the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the power of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.”

He found the “proper form” for faceting the crystals from a dream image of the Kabbalah’s Tree of Life. (The idea for the magnetic coating he helped to develop for IBM had also come to him in a dream.) He understood that the pattern of the Tree of Life was meant to help him enhance the power of quartz crystals. It’s an ancient mystical symbol that represents a map of creation and man’s spiritual ascent with a diagram of ten spiritual principles.  Vogel incorporated the sacred geometry of the ten points in the cut of his crystals.

During his years of research, Vogel learned about ways the human mind “enters into relationship with” and can affect matter. Other Twentieth Century researchers also discovered this. Brenda Dunne and and Robert Jahn at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Laboratory demonstrated that people could affect the outcome on random event generators through intention without any physical access (that’s like playing pinball with a table you can’t touch). Physicist and researcher William Tiller programmed units with specific instructions such as to change the Ph in samples of water. He was able to produce measurable results that met the demands of standard science.

The capacity of quartz crystals to receive, store, and transmit information includes frequencies that range from light, sound, and color to the vibrations of thoughts and emotions. Vogel viewed love as a force like gravity and he concentrated on including those frequencies. When I had the chance to hold a crystal that had belonged to Marcel Vogel in my hands, I felt  a surge of all-encompassing love like the kind people describe in NDEs. This was not an illusion. What makes the Vogel crystals unique is a combination of their complex structure and the loving energies they contain.

Vogel developed a process for programming or charging crystals with thoughts and emotions that involves inhaling and exhaling through the nostrils. Exhaling in rapid bursts has the greatest ability to project thought energies into the receiving tip of a crystal. This must be done when you are in a state of personal coherence, when you are calm, balanced, and your heart is filled with love. Discordant energy patterns can manifest as physical ailments and in order for someone to heal, balance and coherence need to be restored. Crystals accumulate energies and it is important to produce charges that are clear, coherent, and positive, charges that are created with love and that focus on the best outcome possible.

There are still some cutters around who were trained by Vogel and understand the importance of the caring way the crystals are quarried, handled, held, and charged. Some highly skilled gem cutters from Germany tried to copy Vogel’s process but, as many others have found, no matter how carefully the steps are copied, the power does not lie primarily in the way the crystals are cut.

Over the years I have explored many possible ways to help people. When I work with someone now I use a combination of modalities and rarely use the crystals alone. But a few years ago I was glad I had one with me when my son Timmy developed an abcess following abdominal surgery.  A blockage was keeping the wound from draining as it needed to. I held the crystal in my hand in the way I’d been taught, found a place where it naturally came to rest in the air above the incision, and held it there for healing. After a time, I heard Timmy release a deep breath and the wound began to drain. At another time, I was attending a conference when a woman who was experiencing great pain from tumors in her back asked for some help. I did not have my usual array of technologies with me, but I did have my Vogel crystal. It was possible to help her reduce her level of pain using the crystal.

The beautiful form of a Vogel crystal combined with clear and loving energies can restore troubled systems.

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Jack Stucki may be contacted at stucki@socolo.net or 719 485 3789.

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  1. Anne Wotring says:

    Kudos to you for this article, which helps me more deeply understand the energetic and healing qualities of crystals. I’m pleased to be acquainted with Vogel’s work for IBM and other arenas. I’d love to hear more from Jack Stucki. Thank you so much!

  2. trudy summers says:

    So interesting…reminiscent of the meticulous practice of icon painting, where the artist prepares deeply and paints with conscious love, rendering the icon powerful and healing.

  3. simon says:

    What a wonderful article…Vogel knew the secret…to be a master crystal maker requires a knowledge of divine geometry and a soul infused by the Beauty of the the Christ vibration.

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