Sacred Sites and Earth Energies

By David Yarrow

For nearly fifty years I have traced water veins, mapped water flow systems, located wells for friends, learned about ley lines and earth energies, and discovered vortexes and sacred spaces. I have spent thousands of hours walking fields and woods studying how water and energy form networks on and under the land. It felt a bit crazy at times because I was stepping into a reality few people have a clue about. I became aware of the land as living anatomy that has an invisible, subtle network of forces that form a matrix – an invisible template – out of which physical topography, geography, and hydrology manifest themselves. In 1975 I met Ed Jastram, a retired bridge engineer and the Education Director of the American Society of Dowsers, who taught me how to find these streams and invisible energies. Later, when I studied acupuncture and Oriental medicine and learned about the concept of chi, the subtle life force that flows in the body’s meridians, I recognized it was like the energy lines, water flows, and subtle moving forces I had discovered by dowsing.

Learning to dowse means learning a new way of seeing and sensing, a way most people can learn. Through dowsing we can read the landscape and it’s about much more than finding water. The ancient Hindu Vedas say, “the most powerful force in the universe is the most subtle.” With two eyes we see the three dimensions of spacetime. But when we learn to open and focus the inner eye, a third magnetic eye, we begin to perceive different, complex, and intangible realities. Using our subtle senses, we develop a more complete awareness: then we can find gateways to other dimensions and clearer ways to be connected with the earth.

I was invited to be a presenter for the 2008 Council Grove Conference on Consciousness that was held on land in Kansas once sacred to the original people of America. The first evening, after standing outside the main meeting room in the growing dusk, I blurted out to Jack Stucki, one of that year’s program committee, “There’s a stairway to heaven here.” I didn’t know precisely what that meant then. Later a second unintentional, not fully conscious thought arrived, “I think there is a dragon here.” I went on to learn much more about what “stairways to heaven” and “dragons” were.

Ancient myths encode wisdom about the order of the Universe. There is a Scandinavian creation story about a great dragon flying through the skies who became tired, coiled up into a ball, lay still, and went to sleep. The skin of this dreaming dragon became the surface layer of our planet where there are channels of energy sometimes called dragon lines or paths. They are spin-offs of earth’s magnetic field and intimate with it. I think of these 10- to 40- foot- wide beams of energy as a single line of flux in that field. They are alive, dynamic, vibrating magnetic channels that are each and all coherent, synchronous, and resonant.

At different times and in many forms, dragons have appeared around the world in varied cultures. They are mythic creatures that usually represent a transformative force that is not of the material world but of celestial dimensions. In Chinese astrology the dragon is the only non-natural animal of the zodiac and it is the highest-ranking sign. As The Shen Lung it has the greatest power of all the orders of Chinese dragons and, as the carrier of good fortune, is often an important part of festivals and ceremonies. Although dragons are usually fierce and fire-breathing, sometimes they bring blessings. Often connected to caves, underground dens, rivers, and dark places dragons are an expression of the earth-spirit capable of being protectors of the land.

The ancient Hopi creation myth recounts how the Creator sent Spiderwoman to weave a web, a web that captured our planet. Spiderwoman then gave birth to twins who went to opposite ends of the Earth and made it spin. The myth signifies a magnetic field with two poles – a doughnut ring container that gathers the matter, water, atmosphere, energy, and organization that has created a home for conscious, sentient, intelligent life. The Earth’s surface is crisscrossed by lines and channels of energies, much like threads woven into a thin fabric. It is the plane of our existence on which we stand and walk. I have now identified nearly 100 dragon paths and over decades I have gathered evidence that these lines and paths vibrate at a very high frequency. I believe they emerge from the Earth at vortexes, traverse hundreds of miles of land, and descend back into the Earth also at vortexes. Earth’s vast subtle energy body is complex, with multiple layers, fields, and frequencies. In my years of dowsing, I have identified over two dozen different subtle energy fields. Above the surface, there are also higher layers in the atmosphere, and layers deeper in the earth.

In the field north of the main building at Council Grove, there is a descending vortex with lines radiating outward away from the site. In that ancient campground the connection is very strong and very unusual. It is at least five times larger than any other I have discovered. The energies of that campground are like a regional cellphone or microwave tower that can take in energy and re-broadcast it to distribute it over a very wide region. At Council Grove there may be 5 or 7 major areas of dragon energies that radiate out from the site. It has long been a sacred site and  a place for holding spiritual ceremony. It is a special place.
(The image that leads this post is a photograph of an energy center that I mapped on the Council Grove campground.)

Especially in the last ten years I have realized that humanity needs to again recognize and honor many special places – the many energy fields and sacred sites that are present around the world. These are sites where we can ignite fires of positivity and then spread that positivity outwards. We need to go to these places to do prayer, to sing and dance together with great consciousness of the subtle powers and then to spread that energy out to other places. This is a way that we can counter the dark forces that are currently trying to consume the earth. The ceremonies have to be done in a very aware, knowing, and loving way. This is not just another technique or technology. It is not just another “spiritual” tactic to use for our own material benefit. And it’s not for entertainment. It is ceremony done collectively, harmoniously, with attention and intention.

The dragon has been seen as the protector and defender of earth and right now the dragon is rather disturbed. We must do what we can to protect the earth by becoming aware of earth energies and treating the unseen forces with respect. It is time to regain our psychic and spiritual potentials. What is possible is that in the future humans will go beyond the individual mind and join together to experience one mind, one attention. Using all of our senses we will realize we are one species, on one planet, with one purpose.

I believe it is our evolutionary destiny and revolutionary desire to achieve this inner awakening. Evolutionary because our physiology is hardwired for these inner senses. Revolutionary because inner awareness liberates us from both material reality and external authority and empowers us to follow our inner guidance. Through this inner awareness we can enter the Mind of Nature. To sense and respond to the land’s invisible magnetic matrix – the grid of ley lines and sacred spaces – is to fully rediscover that we are all connected and that all life is sentient, conscious, and inter-active.

We can sing the chorus of the iconic Woodstock song along with Joni Mitchell,
We are stardust, we are golden,
we are caught in the Devil’s Bargain,
and we’ve got to get ourselves
back to the garden.

       *     *     *     *     *
David Yarrow is a dowser, Earth advocate, and food and farm activist.
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  1. Anne Wotring says:

    Thank you for this thrilling reminder that there is more to earth and life than our 5 senses.

  2. Sally Chalfen says:

    Thank you David for you life work and for sharing this sacred and profound knowledge with us !

  3. Anonymous says:

    You have enlived my memories of being on the Council Grove land with you. Thank you David

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