Wednesdays at Six

By Randolph Fiery Several years ago, I was impressed by research on the benefits of meditation conducted by Richard (Richie) Davidson at the University of Wisconsin. His scientific studies were coupled with collaborative conversations with both Buddhist and Christian practitioners of meditation. This combination of science, spirituality, and contemplative practice seemed to fit me, and…

Mistakes and Delays

A few years ago the slip of paper inside a Chinese fortune cookie delivered a very comforting piece of wisdom: “If you understand what you’re doing, you’re not learning anything.” Last week I learned a great deal! My understanding of today’s technology is limited. Because of some mistakes I made, some of WINN’s “followers” received…

What Is Needed Now

WINN stands for What Is Needed Now.
It’s a statement (it’s what our posts are about) and a question.
What do we need now?