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By Celia Coates

A few people in my family were concerned that I was addled in my thinking and had a foolish view of reality so, one reason I created WINN in 2016 was to set my views before them in a non-argumentative way. I’m not alone in my take on life. And, I believe it is the perspective, the  understanding, we most need in these modern times. It’s where the magazine’s name comes from: What Is Needed Now.

There are more than 200 posts and it’s time to pause and introduce WINN to a few more people and perhaps to remind others of articles they’ve liked in the past. Many authors – other than myself – have written posts, but there is no easy way to access them. Yet.
I hope to organize and archive most of the articles in the next couple of months but, for now, here are six that you might like to look at. (In order they come from the ideas of Elmer Green, Jack Stucki, Linda K. Myers, Genevieve Lewis Paulson, Marilyn Phillis, and myself.)

There are two more – both about Edgar Mitchell, the astronaut and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences – but I really am addled when it comes to technology and I can’t get them to link up. Together both posts capture the center of WINN’s exploration of subtle energies, psychic experiences, and the life values we can best live by. They were published on June 9, 2016 and, for now, can only be accessed by scrolling down through the long, long line of other posts. That would give you a chance to see the illustrations that accompany each post. Choosing images is one of my favorite tasks.

Brian Luke Seaward has already published seven popular posts. His
eighth – on forgiveness – will appear on April 16th.

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