What Is 2017 About?

By Barbara Rasor

I have always been affected by other people’s emotions, often feeling them deeply within me as if they were mine. There were seven people in my family and I was very aware of their emotions. As an empath, or intuitive, I would act out what they were feeling but not expressing, and growing up this got me into a lot of trouble. Intuition can be described as the ability to perceive information or receive understanding from beyond the self. I experience different kinds of energies from outside of me and that has included sensing global energy fields – but it wasn’t until 2001 that I understood what they signified.

Since 2001, I’ve checked the global consciousness each year to get a sense of the prevailing energies. They can consist, for example, of anxiety, or calmness, or a kind of global chatter. In 2001 the energy was very aggressive, chaotic, and there was a sense of doom and that something was about to happen. Many individuals felt some level of that tension for approximately a month before the events of 9/11. Each year since then, I have checked in with the global energies and then continued to monitor them. This year when I tuned in I felt an extreme silence. It seemed that chaos would come from that strange quiet because all that has been hidden will be revealed.

It isn’t always enough for me to perceive the energies. I also need to understand what is going on so I look at numerology and astrology for additional clarity. For me, Numerology gives the clearest and most useful understanding of the emotional tone a year brings, and it also gives me an understanding of how to work with the energies I sense.
St. Augustine of Hippo (A.D.354-430) wrote that,
“Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”

Numbers create patterns and once a pattern is identified it can become a guide. Numerology can also be combined and correlated with Astrology which also identifies patterns. Both practices have been used extensively to gain wisdom in both ancient and modern times.

Many of you may be asking why this year seems so difficult – both so chaotic and so unproductive. For me, Numerology offers a way to express the answer. In this practice all the numbers in a series are added together until they cannot be reduced any further. This year, 2017, according to that system is 2+0+1+7 =10, which then becomes 1+ 0 = 1. The final number then indicates the pattern for that number and the relevant meaning. 2017 is a “1 Year” and that means that it is a year of “me.” This applies to groups, organizations, and countries as well as to an individual person: it’s the “me” in all of us rather than the “we.” A 1 Year is about the sense of identity – the self – and strong willed energies, independence, leadership, and beginnings at a new level of truth. It can also be about the people or groups that have an excessive sense of themselves: “It’s all about ME! And about what I want.”

In this 1 Year the global self is pulling inward making obstacles more obvious because there are fewer external distractions. Each of us has an “external radar” that connects us to all things outside of self, and this year the energies are pressuring us to go inward, which for some, may feel like being too contained. But we can take the pushing in as a signal to examine what is true for us. The 1 Year energies call us to find and clear out what has been hidden and false and then we – both personally and as nations – can build a foundation based on truth.

The last 1 Year like this one was 2008 and it included headlines like, “Bernie Madoff Claims $17Bn in Assets with SEC,” “Cyprus and Malta adopt the Euro,” “Price of Petroleum Hits $100 a Barrel,” “CIA used tactics expressly forbidden by the Geneva Convention,” “$700 billion bail-out plan allocated by Pres. Bush,” and the list goes on. We all know how that turned out.

The strange stillness of 2017 includes a sense of tension because of the events that are going on around us. Those events may help us pay attention to what needs to be seen. We’ve had Harvey, Irma, and Mexico’s 8.1 earthquake all within days of each other, so this past week the earth has given us an example,
“Look at me – I, the Earth, will be seen.”
Beginning with the 2016 election season there has been a clearing away and revealing of truth in our political system and government. But, even within this attention-getting uproar, there is a force for reflection rather than action that won’t go away until the end of year. It’s a time for gaining knowledge about ourselves.

As things that are hidden are brought to light, it will include things like our passwords and financial records. This week, for example, the extent of the breach in security at Equifax was made public. What has been secret is coming out and will continue to be revealed. It’s time to clean out closets both metaphorically and physically and see what is hidden inside. On the personal level we need to remove all and any patterns, history, or mindsets that do not support the highest expression of “me,” of the true self. Know that all of us are in a 1 Year now and instead of looking at others, look inward for your own challenges, and your own strengths. To explore the hidden parts of self that no longer serve you is  one of the most important tasks to be achieved this year.

Truth vibrates throughout the entire body and does not distinguish good from bad. It is simply truth. When we embody the true self we experience ourselves as living from the heart and not from the ego. How can you discover what is a true expression of your self? Simply make statements out loud and listen to your own voice. If your voice resonates in your chest (without your making it go there) then you are more than likely to be telling yourself your truth.

All of us are challenged to become grounded in self but not selfish. Selfish people won’t care who they hurt or how they are seen, while people with a healthy sense of self are part of creative action in the world. You will either be a leader, using your highest self and connecting to universal truth, or you will be a person following others and stumbling along.

Whatever you are at the end of this year – that will be the platform for what lies ahead for the next 8 years. Next year promises to be a much more inviting year to be working with others. According to Numerology 2018 becomes the master number 11 – the pattern of the spiritual messenger. In 2017 we are to work inwardly and become aware of the gifts and challenges of the self and of our own spiritual tasks. Then, next year we will be expressing either a positive or a negative spiritual message having created a platform for going forward.

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Barbara Rasor has 30 years of experience in the field of emotions and intuition. Her gift is the languaging of unspoken energies and patterns that are hidden, bringing them to light and helping people to move forward in truth.

Her website is: http://www.emotionalintuitive.com

And her blog is: http://www.barbararasor.com

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