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Judy wrote: When I started out on my walk, I was puzzling over a lot of issues because we are planning to move from our lovely home and I was looking for some answers. I knew I had to trust the process, but it was becoming frustrating.

We have a path that goes down from the Medicine Wheel that’s near our house to a driveway and then on to a bridge that crosses our little stream. The canyon land and trees had been really, really dry. We needed rain. In the middle of our bridge I looked down to where I could see little pools of water with a few fish. I began blessing the water and blessing the fish and thanking them for being there. It is very meaningful for us to live in this beautiful place. Then I began to go across the rest of the bridge – it’s a good 20 feet long. Right across from the bridge, Jack keeps a large pile of asphalt for road maintenance and when I looked up, I saw a beautiful, dark brown, furry bear standing on the top of the asphalt. I stopped walking – we do have black bears in the canyon, but I rarely see them. The bear just stood there and looked at me. It seemed to have been listening to me talking to the water and the fish. I talked to the bear too and said, “Hi.” I wondered if it was hungry and if it would go on up to our cabin to eat the bird seed I’d put out. Should I go back to save it for the birds, or should I just proceed on my walk? I decided to continue walking and with my first step forward the bear lumbered off into the woods.

I had the nicest walk that morning. I stopped at various places along the way to thank the water, to thank the fish, and tell them that rain would arrive. I walked up the road for about half an hour and then turned around. On my way back, at one of the big bridges, I was surprised to see another black bear just lumbering off into the woods. I only saw about two-thirds of it – I did not see its head and the bear was not about to confront me. So, I proceeded on to the next bridge, a little bridge, and I was standing there talking to the water and the fish when a beautiful black raven landed on the railing right next to me. It just looked me in the eye, staying there for a few moments, and then it took off. I had told the raven, “Hi,” as well. I went home and thought “wow!” – I don’t often see even one bear and I’ve never had a raven alight near me. I thought this must be meaningful.

Jamie Sams wrote a wonderful book from her Native American tradition that includes medicine cards that name the meaning of special animals that come into our lives.* I looked up Bear medicine and found that the Bear stands for looking inside, introspection, and also for looking into the darkness and accepting the answers that come. Because we are ending this phase of our life and moving on to the next one, the message about going inside and listening for whatever answers come just made me feel really at peace. And then I looked up Raven and the Raven stands for magic coming into our lives and helping to provide healing answers. Not only that – magic happens in our lives when Raven is part of it and we reach a new level of consciousness so we can look at things in a different way.

Judy and Jack Stucki have lived for many years in a forested canyon in southeastern Colorado. Their lives have been centered in healing and love.
Now, here are some of Jack’s thoughts –

When we came to these woods, we began by cleaning up trash. We removed it from the land, we collected it out of the stream, and then we built the Medicine Wheel. The birds started landing on us and we had a different relationship with the animals.  We were taking care of this land and trying to restore it to its holiness, to its sacred place. We are all connected and our one-ness includes the natural world. It’s important to take care of ourselves, the world around us, and the whole planet.

For many years I shared conversations with Elmer Green, a pioneer in clinical biofeedback. He once told me that in 2005 enough humans had awakened to form a critical mass on the planet and that we had to keep on holding and growing that kind of consciousness. It’s a way that we are all connected and it forms a kind of planetary grid around our world that has been demonstrated by The Global Consciousness Project that began more than twenty years ago.** Random event generators (REGs) were installed at multiple sites around the world (now in about 65 places) and they register shifts as we respond to major global events like Princess Diana’s death and, of course, 9/11. That produced the biggest spike ever seen on these pods.

One day while I was meditating near the stream, I met a spiritual Being who, along with others, often communicates with me. From what they’ve said, I get that after creating the critical mass of awakened people, humanity formed a new grid that’s now overtaking the current one that was constructed with anger and, mainly, with fear. My guidance has told me that there’s one major addiction on this planet – an addiction to feeling fear. Candace Pert talked about emotions being a biochemical extension of the brain and that the cells in our body, the molecules, become addicted to emotions. Once we realize this and know that thoughts travel and form collective energy fields, we can begin to add to the new, positive grid. Those of us who’ve left the prison of thinking that we are our brains and believing that we are our bodies know that we are more than that and, together, we can do something about the destructive presence of fear in our lives that keeps the old grid active.

Elmer knew about this too. Years and years ago he knew what was happening on the planet and that learning self-regulation would be our way out of centuries-old struggles. Very simply, by taking physiological measurements of the body – such as our heart rate, skin temperature, galvanic skin response, or brainwaves – we can learn to regulate some of our own physical processes. Elmer knew too that there is a higher level of self-regulation that involves mastering our emotions, moods, and thoughts. It was only in the last 20 years of his long life that he spoke about the importance of using self-regulation to learn what to do with the reality that exists beyond our physical bodies. He waited until after basic biofeedback had been established before saying anything that would be so controversial.

I have come to believe we incarnate for two reasons – to learn how to work a physical body and how to take care of a planet. The two are intertwined. If I’m observing and tuning my physical body, I’m also taking care of the planet. I’ve found it useful to observe my brain in the way that Mindfulness Meditation teaches. We can learn to observe what our physical brain is doing and how emotions develop. Instead of getting lost in emotions, I can go inside, into my own awareness. So, any time something triggers me into fear (or anger), I have a built-in program that will only take me deeper into the truth I can experience and know. This process fuels the creative power of love and adds to the connections that surround all of us.

We are in a time when humans are leaving what is familiar, we are leaving “our old home.”  Many people are seeking answers and looking towards a new phase of life. It’s a time of change around the world and we need Bear magic to help us face darkness and accept new answers. We also need the Raven magic that carries the courage we need to explore the Great Mystery. The book, MEDICINE CARDS, says the Great Mystery is, “the home of all that is not yet in form.” Raven can bring us healing energy and the power to reach new levels of consciousness.

*     *     *     *     *

* MEDICINE CARDS, by Jamie Sams and David Carson with illustrations by Angela Werneke, St. Martin’s Press, 1988 and 1999, Revised and Expanded Edition.

** Please go to IONS (Institute of Noetic Science) for information about the Global Consciousness Project,

The image that leads this post is of the Medicine Wheel Judy and Jack created.

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  1. trudy summers says:

    Judy’s account made me smile because Ive developed the practice of, on my daily walks, when I encounter a deer or squirrel or other wildlife that is close enough and still enough to make eye contact, I offer a friendly “hi”. It’s been surprising how such a simple act lifts my heart.

  2. Lucia says:

    What beautiful, insightful and inspirational stories! Thank you Judy, Jack and Celia for bringing Light and Love into this world !

  3. Nancy Prendergast says:

    What an interesting article!

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