One Man’s Search for Kindness

By Celia Coates

The Dalai Lama has said that his religion is kindness. Leon Logothetis is a wild example of living the religion of kindness – giving and receiving kindness.

Many people already know about Leon, a former London stockbroker who so disliked his work that he made a radical change in his life. I would not have learned about him without a note from a dear friend. Thank goodness for the ease with which we can help each other find good things on the internet!

Leon has written THE KINDNESS DIARIES as well as other books about his adventurous tourism. There are several websites where you can learn about him, but I’d recommend starting with this first one where you can watch separate stories about the remarkable people he encountered while searching for kindness:

Kindness Diaries

or you could learn more about him at,

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  1. Gilah Yelin Hirsch says:


    Here too, i am seeing more people, institutions duplicating goodness.

    Coincidentally, I, my work and house will be filmed on March 30 for international website called Hydro Studio, for their segment called “Something Beautiful”. People are looking for good news!

    Love, Gilah

    Gilah Yelin Hirsch Artist/Professor of Art Home/Studio Venice, CA, 90291 310-821-6848 California State University Dominguez Hills, Carson, (Los Angeles), CA, 90747 310-243-3966


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