Science and Intuition

By Cay Randall-May, Ph.D.

Many healers, energy workers, and intuitives, such as myself, report sensing a field of energy that is near and interpenetrates the physical body. This energy is usually discounted by the contemporary scientific community for several reasons, primarily because of the apparent lack of objective, tangible data to support our impressions. Modern science is based on repeatable, measurable observations, and personal accounts that can’t be tested objectively, have not been taken seriously. A group of scientists and I have developed a method, which we call the ‘Inner Vision’ process which gives results that are specific, accurate and repeatable.

From early childhood, I noticed that people seemed ‘sharp’, meaning not safe or friendly, or ‘round and soft’. I now realize that was a child’s way of describing the subtle energy field. My ability to detect the field came naturally as I believe it can for everyone, but most people do not have families who validate their impressions. I was fortunate. My grandmother, whose heritage was Irish, lived with me and mentored me in what she called the “second sight.”  She encouraged my sensitivities and even gave me ordinary playing cards to “read” when I was about seven or eight years old. I soon noticed that I didn’t need to memorize the meanings of the cards, because images would rise up to me from them. By the time I was ready for High School, I had explored many of my intuitive abilities and wanted to study parapsychology as a lifetime career. Unfortunately, there were no academic resources in this field available to me.

Determined to follow a scientific career, I chose biology as an alternative. One of the “chance” events that formed my life was the opportunity to work at the Poisonous Animal Research Laboratory at Arizona State University. The staff soon recognized my love of Life Sciences and I was promoted to train as a curator of the Scorpion Museum, a position which I held throughout my undergraduate years. I then attended the University of California, Berkeley and completed my Masters Degree on the scorpion circulatory system and my Doctoral Degree on the interaction of nerve and muscle during the metamorphosis of the Wax Moth. I continued research into neurosecretion with an NIH-funded grant at Case Western Reserve University.

Later, my research took a rather different turn as I further developed my intuitive abilities.  For more than 30 years, I have worked with a group of scientists to perfect the Inner Vision process, an alternative scientific approach which does not employ the usual scientific tools or protocols.

In this process I enter into a deeply relaxed state, totally clearing my mind. One of my scientific colleagues asks questions and I respond verbally or draw pictures of what appears in my mind. This process produces a vivid sense of the world at any desired magnification, even down to the sub-atomic level. The images are three-dimensional, complex, and sometimes in color.  They are movable and can be adjusted to any desired angle and it is possible to zoom in or out for different perspectives. This allows me to observe what standard scientific instruments can’t detect. Details of form, function, composition and size can be readily observed.  Mathematical symbols and formulae can be drawn, but are not derived in the usual sense.

Early in the development of this process I often felt as if my mind was being pulled through a knothole. My colleagues would repeat questions in different ways to check and refine the information since the data must be specific to be useful. Because my impressions are highly visual, I imagine gauges, scales and other means of measurement that can easily be read.

My impressions  are tested by my colleagues using more conventional scientific methods.  Follow-up questions are often asked, sometimes years later, and I am able to access the same information. My conscious memory and intuitive abilities are not 100 % accurate, but the Inner Vision process appears to draw on a level of useful information well beyond my individual consciousness.

Our research has a wide scope. For example, I have been able to see that matter and energy are interchangeable at the rate of several billions of times per second across an interface which I term the “etheric template.” The smallest particles of physical matter, which I call ‘gravitons’, unite to form larger particles. This is important for understanding our body’s energy field which can be seen as the aura. It is composed of these minute particles that flow in an organized manner through and around our physical form. Additional results, including a solar panel which uses alternative chemical pathways, are far beyond my academic training. These have been published.1

The Inner Visions, or micro-psi, process is ancient. The Theosophical Publishing House issued Steven M. Phillips’ book, The Extrasensory Perception of Quarks, (1980), in which he discussed the work of Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater who, in the late 1890’s and 1900’s, used a similar process to describe the atom before Ernest Rutherford, the man who is credited with that discovery. Other scientists, including Nikola Tesla2, have reported using altered, dream-like states of consciousness as part of their investigations.

This form of research can be used to explore very tiny, very large, or distant objects which the usual scientific instruments can’t detect or measure. It should not be used in place of conventional scientific research, but as a supplement to it. Its value lies in asking the correct questions and in the development of intuitive innovation. For example, if matter does form from pure energy across an interface several billions of times per second, what keeps it organized?  That is the central mystery of existence which points to a transcendent organizational principle, which some might call the mind of God.

Reading that, we should ask ourselves, “What if this is true?” That’s a truly scientific question.  The answers we receive when we explore using the Inner Vision types of research could change our perception of ourselves and our relationship to the world.

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1 – Towe, Bruce C. and Cay Randall-May 1999, Analysis of Technically Inventive Dream-like Mental Imagery, JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC EXPLORATION,  Vol. 13, No. 3, pages. 499-513.

2Martin, Thomas Commerford 1995, THE INVENTIONS, RESEARCHES AND WRITINGS OF NIKOLA TESLA, Barnes & Noble Books, NY

The process and some of the resulting information is described in my book, INNER VISIONS OF       .

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  1. Loved the description of “seeing” down to the subatomic level, and corroboration by your scientist colleagues. Thank you for the incredible work you are doing!

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