Healing With John of God

Healing With John of God

By Irwin Rosenberg

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
My name is Irwin Rosenberg and I’m a Doctor of Pharmacy (PD). People call me Irv or Doc. I’ve been a pharmacist for more than 60 years and a nutritional pharmacologist for the past 15 years. My daughter, Julie, is a board certified chiropractor neurologist who was first told about John of God by two of her patients. She has now been to Brazil seven times to see him as well as attending six programs at Omega in Rhinebeck, N.Y., and one in Toronto. Julie used to come back and tell her mother and me what she had witnessed and experienced. My wife, doubting that these things could be true, asked if they were spraying marijuana in the air or hypnotizing her or putting something in her food. My wife was an agnostic and I was an atheist.

In 2008 I had open-heart surgery – quadruple bypasses – and in 2012, I had six surgeries that included two hip operations that meant I was confined to a wheel chair much of the time. I could walk with the aid of a cane for about five minutes before having to sit down because of pain and discomfort. Julie convinced me to go with her to a convention center in Toronto to see John of God, and I said yes just so I could prove he was a charlatan.

When we got there, John of God instructed us to sit in the room to our right where there was supposed to be a healing current. Julie wheeled me into a room filled with about 300 people and because I was in a wheelchair, we sat in the front row. We were directed to close our eyes and put our right hands over our hearts and wish for healing. After about 15 minutes I felt a hand on my head. I opened my eyes and to my surprise I saw John of God. He had been sitting in a chair on the stage in the other room, and now he was in front of me. He pulled me out of my wheelchair and told me I would never need it or my walking stick again. John of God speaks only Portuguese and Heather, his interpreter who speaks five languages, translated what he said into English.

I felt a surge of energy go down my leg from my hip to my knee and a sense of calmness came over me that I had never felt before. I then walked around the convention center for the next 90 minutes without my cane or wheelchair. At home when I take my family out for dinner, I usually pick up the check but have to ask one of my grandchildren to tell me how much the bill is so I can figure out the tip. That evening, after seeing John of God, we went out to dinner and in a dimly lit restaurant without my glasses, I paid the bill and included the tip. Julie said, “Dad, do you realize what you just did? You didn’t ask me to read the bill.” The next day I was watching TV in my room before going to the airport, when Julie came in and asked, “Dad where are your glasses?” I hadn’t realized that I was seeing the TV clearly without them. I could even read the small print.

In November 2013 I had my second open-heart surgery to replace a malfunctioning aortic valve. Before that surgery I’d had all kinds of tests including X-rays and CAT scans so they could determine whether the infrastructure could take the valve and what size of valve would be needed. Also, three years after the bypass surgery, I’d started having some angina and my cardiologist told me that it was quite common for people with multiple bypasses to have one of the smaller arteries re-occlude. I asked my cardiologist to put a stent in the re-blocked artery so that I wouldn’t have angina again. He said he would if he felt it was necessary.

Julie sent an e-mail to Heather, the interpreter, about the up-coming surgery and she sent a message back that one of the entities who speaks through John of God had said that not only would he watch over me during the surgery, he’d help see that it went well. Afterwards the surgeon came in and said that the surgery had gone very well, and in fact, that it had taken 90 minutes less than usual. He also said something had happened that he’d never seen before and could not explain – one of my small arteries had re-stenosed but there was a new blood vessel that had not been there seven days before that now went around the blockage. I was in the ICU for only one day and Julie took me home for an uneventful, rapid recovery.

John Of God says that he does not heal people, “It is God who heals.” He enters a trance state – as do many healers – but he is unusual in how many different “entities” come through him in order to help people.

After my valve replacement though, I couldn’t cough, sneeze, or blow my nose without holding my chest because it felt as though something might pop. This time, the entity he said, “I took you out of your wheelchair, now I will heal your heart.” On the way back to my room both surgical scars on my chest started to itch intensely. I fell asleep and when I woke up I found that I could cough, sneeze and blow my nose with no problem.

In January of 2014 my soul mate of 54 years passed away, and when we went to Brazil the next time, I asked the entity to give me a message from her. But he said it was too soon. I know that in the spirit world we have to go through several phases after death. The following year when I was in Brazil I had an hour in a crystal bed and, as usual, I fell asleep. I had a very vivid dream that my beloved came out of the shower wearing a terry cloth robe, and gave me a hug and a kiss. I woke up knowing I’d received her message that she was all right and waiting for me.

In March of 2015 we went to Brazil again. I’d been diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff and labrum – I couldn’t raise my left hand higher than my waist without considerable pain. After consulting the entity, I could raise my hand over my head comfortably.

Needless to say, after all of this I am no longer an atheist and I know that there is life (soul) after the death of the body. Also – I almost forgot – six years ago I was diagnosed with a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and I have been in remission for the past 4 years. I did not have chemotherapy or radiation for this cancer. By the way, I am 85 years young.

If anyone wishes to contact me for further information my e-mail address is: docirvRx@gmail.com

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  1. Anonymous says:

    May be one of the most powerful stories I have ever read on healing….Thank you!

  2. jencluff says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. This gives me so much hope. There are days when it it is hard to feel excited about the world I live in. Your account reminds me that I should be excited! There is so much more to life than I can comprehend. Thanks again.

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