Gifts from the Serpent

By Dorothy Walters

When I was in my early fifties, something happened to me that changed my life forever. I did not go out of my body and float beneath the ceiling. I did not fly down a tunnel toward a lighted figure waiting at the end. This experience was something other, something almost no one in my circle had heard about at the time, and which I knew only by rumor, brief allusions in certain texts, and one autobiographical account by an Indian mystic.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘coiled.’ According to ancient seers, the kundalini energy resembles a snake resting (for most of us) at the base of the spine. When it is roused, it raises its head and climbs upward, activating various energy centers (chakras or ‘wheels’) as it goes. The student is cautioned to approach the process warily, for premature awakening can easily lead to imbalance of the system. Acute illness, even death, as well as major psychological disturbance, can result. The practitioner is warned to proceed cautiously under the supervision of an experienced teacher, one pure of heart and well versed in the nuances of energetic transformation. The reward of successful arousal is ineffable bliss and union with the divine – in other words, enlightenment itself.
(These two paragraphs come from UNMASKING THE ROSE, my memoir about that awakening in 1981 and the years that followed.)

At the time of my unexpected awakening I was catapulted into extreme ecstasy, a state I had no name for. Since I had no outer teacher, ecstasy itself became my guide for fifteen years of isolated practice. And of course, I went through many challenges as well, as the energies went through my system and cleared out the blocks. I have continued to experience the subtle energies in one form or another through the years and have been fascinated to witness how they have become ever more subtle and available, even after over 30 years of unfolding.

I feel very blessed that it happened to me and feel that it is our common destiny to have every cell and pore of our bodies transformed into a new being, the New Human, as many call it. I believe that kundalini is the force behind the evolution of consciousness now occurring worldwide and that universal kundalini awakening is the means for personal and planetary evolution of consciousness. Evidence of planetary initiation is becoming more and more prevalent.

Kundalini energies and creativity are closely aligned. I am now ninety years old and I continue to write both poetry and prose at an ever-increasing rate. The Beloved Within continues to visit from time to time, in ever more subtle and blissful forms.

I began writing mystical poetry in the 1970’s after Andrew Harvey encouraged me to do so, and these days the poems flow forth at a very rapid rate. I am putting a new book together with many poems, all written in the last several months.

Celia wished me to include these two poems from SOME KISS WE WANT:

I am not a Buddhist
nor am I a yogi.
My robe has no
special emblem
or design.
My Great Teacher
is Silence.
I sit here now,
And –
Do not say
this part is
that spiritual,
this one is higher,
that lower.
Quit trying to find new ways
to cut yourself in two.
When God made you
he blessed every part –
head, soles, and everything
in between.
Then he kissed you again all over
as you were being born.
Now something lives within,
shy serpent self
who stirs and awakens only
from his constant need
to pierce
to claim
and let his hidden sweetness

Besides writing poetry and prose, my other “occupation” is helping others along the way who are undergoing kundalini awakening and often don’t even know what is happening. I give them counsel and reassurance that they are not crazy, but rather undergoing a natural process of transformation.

(Copyright 2018 Dorothy Walters)

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