Reflections on After-Life Communication

By Lucia Thornton

After my son David died, I was desperate to communicate with him and perhaps he felt the same way. David had come to me quite unexpectedly on several occasions. Sometimes he appeared in dreams.  Sometimes I could hear him talking and we carried on conversations “in my head”.  And on one occasion he physically appeared to me. I believe these were times when David was reaching out to console me and send me his love.

Likewise, there were times when I tried to initiate contact with David. I did this by sending him thoughts from my heart. I had learned that in order to access the space that exists beyond our physical realm it is important to quiet the mind and rest in the essence of Self. The Self I am referring to is our High Self, that part of us that is beyond our egos and is referent to infinity.

The first step in accessing this space is to find a place that will be free from interruptions where you can sit comfortably and preferably in an upright position. Playing some meditative and soothing music in the background can help create a healing and conducive environment. After you are comfortable and at ease, bring to mind someone (or something) that you love. Imagine and feel the love that this brings to your life.  Allow that feeling of love to settle into your heart and spread throughout your entire being.  When you feel this love fill you, begin to send thoughts and messages to your loved one. Rest in this place of love for as long as you wish to be open to communication.

I find it interesting that I have not received communication with others in my family who have passed on. Within a few years after my son died, I lost both my parents and my brother and sister. Because of the communication that I had with my son, I had expected that I would be visited in my dreams or contacted in some way by my deceased family members.

I have realized that the communication with David did not occur because of what I did. Rather, I believe the communication was initiated from the spirit world and was perceived by me in moments when the ordinary barriers and distractions that keep us from receiving subtle messages were absent.

I remember talking with Elmer Green about cosmic consciousness and what he said might also be helpful for people wanting to receive after-life communications. He gave me two instructions: first, before going to sleep at night, to ask my High Self, “What is it that I need to know or do?” and second, to ask my High Self to help me remember after I woke up, any messages that I had received while asleep.

This week I read a short sentence that I believe is deeply true: “Being psychic is about love.” *
We can learn from each other about this kind of love from the stories people tell about their experiences. Lucia gave us a gift with her story about David. We probably won’t have as vivid an experience of love and the subtle side of reality as she did, but knowing what happened for her we can learn there is more to life than the here-and-now material world.

This week there was another gift, a story about sensing the world of spirit, found in an unlikely place – on television with “Morning Joe”.  Joe Scarborough was interviewing President Biden about his four-day trip to Ireland when Biden said that by chance he had encountered the priest, the Reverend Frank O’Grady, who had delivered the last rites to his son, Beau Biden, when he was dying from brain cancer. Along with his sister Valerie, his son Hunter, and the priest, the four joined in prayer.

Biden said, “It felt like Beau was with me. And it just felt like he completed the circle. I know it sounds stupid maybe, but it just felt to my sister and my son Hunter that Beau was with us.” All of them had the sense, a strong awareness, that this loved man was present with them there in that moment. Beau was not just a shared memory – they felt that his spirit was really there.

Biden’s hesitation, his concern that he might sound “stupid maybe” is so familiar. We don’t want to seem foolish or to be seen as victims of wishful believing or of being at least a little crazy in talking about something otherworldly that we can’t prove. It is important with spirit experiences to open our awareness, to take note of what we sensed without dismissing it as fantasy, and to explore what happened. Did it feel real, was it significant, was it comforting, did it bring a new understanding or resolve something unfinished? Biden said, “And it just felt like he completed the circle” and it seems to have lessened his grief. It’s important to ask ourselves, for example, “Did anything change because I saw that loved person in my dream?” Don’t dismiss even small mysteries too quickly.

We can learn that there is something beyond death and we can expand our understanding of reality and what relationship can mean. We may not be given vivid, repeated experiences but it’s important to stay open to the ones we may be having and to realize the vital importance of love on both sides of “the veil”.

*     *     *     *     *

*This quote is from THE PSYCHIC WORKBOOK: A Beginner’s Guide to Activities and Exercises to Unlock Your Psychic Skills by Mystic Michaela, Adams Media an imprint of Simon & Schuster, Inc., 2023.

The image that leads this post is by photographer David Lewis.

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  1. Anne Wotring says:

    Thank you, Celcia, for calling my attention to President Biden’s comments about feeling his dead son’s presence with him on his recent Ireland trip. You do us a great and courageous service with your posts.

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