Elmer, Electricity, and Thought-Form Photography

By Jack Stucki

I first met Elmer in 1992 at the ISSSEEM* Conference and it was just very brief – no glue to it. Then, after his wife Alyce died in 1994, the first presentation he agreed to give was at the Colorado Biofeedback Conference. We got a little closer but the real contact came after I bought a device called the Luminator. I was frustrated in trying to make an important decision regarding using the Luminator with clients or keeping a very, very wonderful pain clinic which had two offices, one in Colorado Springs and another in Pueblo. For one reason or another quite a few of us would call Elmer when we were facing some kind of life question and he’d have something to say, although he’d usually tell us to go inside ourselves and find the answer. So, I called Elmer and told him about some unusual photographs I was getting when I used the Luminator. He seemed quite excited and he asked, “Do you have Alice Ann Bailey’s ESOTERIC HEALING book?” And I said, “I do.”  I reached up and got it from the shelf and he told me to turn to page 376. Elmer said this technology had been predicted by “the Tibetan” who communicated through Alice Anne Bailey. He added, “I was told at an early age that I would be a part of bringing this technology out.”

Elmer’s response was instrumental as I made the life-changing choice to leave the clinics and go out on my own with only a bachelor’s degree in music therapy and start a private practice using the Luminator. Our friendship grew after that and just before the ISSSEEM Conference in 1997 or 1998 Elmer asked if I would present the work I was doing with the Luminator at the Conference. It was too late to be on the regular program so I said, “Well, I’d like to show it to the Board but I don’t like this to be public because as a practicing licensed therapist in Colorado I’m afraid if it gets out it might hurt my career.” He said, “OK, we will just show it to the Board.” When I got to the conference he said, “Well, the Board wants to see this technology but the Board has talked to friends and they want to come too so we are putting it on Sunday at midnight.” Just about the whole conference showed up. That is where my work really got going. I don’t know what would have transpired if Elmer hadn’t – I won’t say he endorsed it, but he did bring it forward. He got me out of my fear.

Here are some quotes from ESOTERIC HEALING  found on the pages Elmer said I should read  -pages 376 to 379 – that were noted in 1944 and published in 1953:
“The discoveries of science are as yet inadequate….” (p.376)

 “Everything in Nature is electrical in nature; life itself is electricity, but all that we have contacted and used today is that which is only physical and related to and inherent in the physical and etheric matter of all forms.” (p.377)

 “Towards the close of this century (the 20th Century) … discoveries will be made which will reveal some hitherto unrealized electrical potencies. I know not what other word to use for these electrical rays which will make their presence felt and lead to possibilities beyond the dreams of investigators today. The coming science of electricity will be as different next century as the modern usages of electricity differ from the understanding of the Victorian scientist.”  (p.376)

 “An ordinary treatise on electricity such as is studied by electrical engineers would have been completely incomprehensible to even the most highly educated man two hundred years ago, or even one hundred, and so it is now. In the meantime, work with thought photography as a prelude to the coming science, for out of that and the gradual development of more sensitive modes of registering and recording subtle phenomena will come the new idea and possibilities.” (p.379)

 “In connection with your query anent the photography which concerns itself with departed souls, I would advise you that understanding of process will come from a study of the photographing of thoughtforms. … Light on the subject will come through this, through the perfecting of the plates of reception and their greatly increased sensitivity, and through the relating of electricity to photography.”  (p.376)

 “It is the thought of those on the other side, and their ability to project thoughtforms of themselves, plus the providing of adequately sensitive plates or their equivalent, which will mark a new era in so-called ‘spirit photography.’ People frequently are so preoccupied with the tangible instrument on this side of the veil that they neglect the factor of what must be contributed from the other side by those who have passed over.” (pp.376-7)

 “Does it mean anything to you when I say that electricity and photography are closely related because the human being is electrical in origin and nature? This must be demonstrated on the physical plane by the aid of the needed sensitive apparatus.” (p.379)

 The Luminator stands four feet tall and is a 10 inch square box. It contains a 2” plexiglass barrel inside a 4” barrel inside a 6” barrel. The barrels have various subtle vibratory “things” attached to them and the device affects the vibrational resonances in the room – what the Tibetan might have called “electrical potencies.”  A fan at the bottom of the device draws in ambient air and a fan at the top expels the treated/thinned air back into the room. There is a rheostat that allows even more thinning or thickening of the ambient air. Sensitives can feel the difference when the device is on and when it is off. Polaroid film is used in the camera that captures the thought-forms that are gleaned from the intentions that have been set by both the operator and the client. When I am using the Luminator, I go in to a very familiar “quiet zone” to set my intention. There are various intentions (or focused questions) that include, for example, asking to see whether there is a previous life associated with the client’s health challenge, or whether there is anything in that person’s energy field that is not in their best interest, or whether members of their spirit family might be seen. My own intention also always includes seeing what is for the highest good.

Once, when meditating, I asked specifically about what the resonances or dimensions of reality were like and I received a very rapid response: the beings that guide me said the only words they could use were that the other resonances are thinner and that this third dimension we are experiencing while incarnated in these physical bodies is the thickest. They added, “We jokingly refer to it as ‘hell’ ”, a comment that was followed by deep belly laughter. The beings and guides often reveal a strong sense of humor.

A quick note – In the introduction to their book THOUGHT-FORMS (published in 1901), Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater wrote, “We have often heard it said that thoughts are things, and there are many among us who are persuaded of the truth of this statement. Yet very few of us have any clear idea as to what kind of thing a thought is, and the object of this little book is to help us conceive this.” The Tibetan called this arriving technology “thought photography” and “spirit photography.” What he referred to as “the needed sensitive apparatus” seems to be the combination of the Luminator, the camera and Polaroid film, and an “operator” who can meet and be met by “those on the other side.” In the science of today, little of this is accepted as true or useful.

This WINNpost is a short introduction to some ideas and experiences that I will be writing more about in the future. It is impossible to publish a complete description or explanation of this “technology” that was predicted decades ago and will lead to a new era in the understanding of “electricity” through what the photographs can demonstrate. There will be another post about what can be seen and discovered in the photographs and why that matters.

*     *     *     *     *
ESOTERIC HEALING: Volume IV, A Treatise on the Seven Rays, by Alice A. Bailey, Lucis Publishing  Company, New York, Lucis Press, LTD, London, 1953, Thirteenth Printing, 1993.

THOUGHT-FORMS, Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater, The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, 1925, Quest Book Edition, 1969, Fourth Printing 1980.

* ISSSEEM was the Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine.  The photograph of Jack and Elmer that heads this post was taken by Celia at an ISSSEEM conference.

Jack Stucki is a researcher and practitioner of subtle energies medicine. His main interest lies in exploring and applying new ways that involve the use of sound and various other modalities to heal physical and emotional illnesses. His work began with the brainwave frequencies studied in biofeedback.
He can be contacted by e-mail: stucki@socolo.net

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