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In the Summer of 2016 WINN began publishing weekly posts, and then posts twice a month, until there were more than 200 short articles written by a number of authors as well as by myself. This Summer it became clear that it was hard to navigate the WINN site and that it would also be helpful to expand on some of the topics covered and include more authors. The process of organizing and archiving is going ahead – but not as quickly as I had hoped.

Beginning with today’s post, there will be more written about the work and ideas of Elmer Green, PhD. His research into both the material and subtle (spiritual or mystical) realities of life are a gift that a number of people would like to see brought forward now.

WINN will appear on the second and fourth Fridays of each month, beginning today with these links to three earlier posts.

Wikipedia is an extraordinary resource for reliable information on a vast array of subjects, but not on the ones central to WINN. This post has something to say about when to ignore the standard resources and turn to finding useful and reliable ones for our interests:

Tony Schwartz spent four years researching WHAT REALLY MATTERS (the title of his book published in 1995) after being disillusioned by his earlier involvement in creating THE ART OF THE DEAL. In chapter 3, “The Yoga of the West,” he wrote about Elmer:

And then, third, here is an early and very short post in which Elmer had something to say about “subtle energies,” a term that can be hard to understand and that is found often in WINN:



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