Lessons for Hard Times

By Celia Coates

This question arrived in a recent e-mail:
“As a healing professional, have you noticed your clients growing more stressed and anxious in recent years? If so, the numbers back up your observation. According to a report released by the American Psychiatric Association in May 2018, levels of anxiety among American adults have exploded in the last two years. Between 2017 and 2018 alone, the APA noted a five percent increase in anxious behaviors. So, what’s driving this flare-up of anxious people, and how can we deal with it?” *

 Now, in the Spring of 2020, our levels of anxiety are soaring. So, is there a way to understand what is going on – and even more importantly, is there anything we can do about what we’re feeling?

Elmer Green was a psychologist who studied states of consciousness and became one of the pioneers in clinical biofeedback. However, his central, life-long research was into the nature of  subtle energies and phenomena that are sometimes classified as parapsychological or paranormal and dismissed as nonsense. After he retired from his work at the Menninger Foundation, he was able to focus on his central interest, the non-material aspects of life. In 2001 Dr. Green published his book, THE OZAWKIE BOOK OF THE DEAD, to present what he’d learned. Elmer often gained information in heightened states of consciousness in what he called “vision dreams.” Here is one of them – his prediction years ago of this current “flare-up” of emotion.

“I was looking out across fields of grain, bushes, and small trees from a cottage window. A black-topped road wound through the fields and up a little hill to the cottage. As I watched, I noticed that an out-of-control fire was advancing across the fields, all the way to the left and to the right, burning the grain and bushes. But there was no smoke and no real flame – the vegetation was just turning black, like charcoal, and crumbling in the wind.

But I thought it must be fire. What else could make everything turn black. Then someone standing behind my left shoulder, a man whom I could sense but couldn’t see, and who seemed to be my instructor, said, ‘No, it isn’t fire. It’s something different. Look again.’

When I looked again, closely studying the road up which the devastation was advancing, I saw that just ahead of the ‘line of shriveling,’ the tar on the road was changing color, beginning to melt and bubble as if from some intolerable radiant heat coming down. As I noticed this, I began to see a huge column of pale green mist, as wide as the whole road, above the bubbling area. It was moving toward the cottage where my companion and I stood and, as it advanced, the line of shriveling came along in its wake.

What was it? A tornado? No, it didn’t spin, and it was a vertical column that went straight up, out of sight. Whatever it was, it didn’t look safe. This was indeed startling – but before I could flee, the green mist became thicker and quickly came up over the house.

 Was this the end of me, I wondered? And then I noticed that though I felt electric waves of energy pulsing through my body, I could still breathe and move, and think. The effect of the green energy was slightly paralytic at first, but then it seemed it to be invigorating. What was it?”

Then Elmer wrote that there was a scenario in which he received information from the man who had been behind his left shoulder. His companion told him that the planet was receiving a form of stimulation that would be destructive in some places but that its main effect would be felt in the human psyche.

 Elmer went on to write,
“It was a boon from the cosmos. It was an energy that would intensify the life of all the sub-selves of which humans and Gaia are composed, the subconscious and superconscious deva beings and angels who make up our physical, emotional, mental, and causal natures. What we think of as our baser selves, as well as our higher selves, would all be stimulated, enlivened. The immediate effect would be a heightening of internal conflict in everyone, everywhere.”

 Elmer then saw a series of images in which there was conflict between the subconscious and the superconscious aspects of the self, they were fighting with each other for control and, “… the person’s psyche was a battleground. At the same time, the conscious self, unaware of what was causing these wild fluctuations of mood, thought and aspiration, felt it was going crazy.”

“In many people, the superconscious won. When that happened, the subconscious was gradually transformed toward the higher. Its control faded.” And, “As that happened, the conscious self realized that it was recovering from its bout with ‘insanity,’ integrated its nature, and began to pursue new goals, feeling happy and free, though not knowing what had happened.”

“For those individuals in whom the strength of the subconscious self was too powerful, … the subconscious won the battle and fear ruled. The person did not recover from his ‘insanity.’ Instead, not having a strong integrating principle, the personality disintegrated, became non-functional, and faded away like a deserted shell. It was as if some people wouldn’t be able to integrate their lives in the world of the green energy. That is, they wouldn’t have sufficient spiritual adaptability, and would vanish.”

Elmer added: “Oh yes, one more thing. The effect of the energy on some people was to make their shadow-side so strong, without any counteracting superconscious enhancement, that it appeared that they had gone berserk. Senseless acts of violence and acts of cruelty were completely out of control.”
And, “The final scenario showed that in experiencing this travail, the Superconscious of Humanity would overcome the dark side. Transformation, a word that was strongly emphasized, would win over disintegration.”

 In his presentation of this vision dream, Elmer went on to discuss some other ideas that will be the subjects of future posts. This post is about what may be helpful to know about this extraordinary time. It might not make sense to everyone to see this as a battle between the forces of the Light and the Dark or that it involves a planet-wide shift in energies, but it may be useful to know that a way of dealing with anxiety is for us to develop a strong integrating principle, to become healthier psychologically and spiritually, and to reach beyond the earth-bound understanding of our nature and our lives.

There have been hundreds of years of prophecies of dreadful, catastrophic events. Elmer Green is not the only one to foresee planet-wide destruction – Edgar Cayce was another seer and teacher who predicted a difficult future. He was also a source of wisdom and spiritual teaching, and here are just three of his many lessons. **

 “Though there may be abroad hate, avarice, selfishness, and those things that make men afraid – be still within thine own heart, thine own consciousness.”
Reading 281-59

“By more constant meditation, and putting into action day by day a little more patience, a little more love, a little more forgiving, a little more prayer. There DEVELOP the mental of the subconscious to that point of spiritual activity.”
Reading 538-30

“Vibration is, in its simple essence or word, RAISING the Christ Consciousness itself to such an extent as it may flow OUT of self to him thou would direct it to.”
Reading 281-7

*     *     *     *     *
* This question came from Sounds True which is a wonderful resource for many kinds of information about healing and spirituality: https://www.soundstrue.com

** Information about Edgar Cayce can be found at the website for the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the A.R.E.,: https://www.edgarcayce.org   

THE OZAWKIE BOOK OF THE DEAD: Alzheimer’s isn’t what you think it is!, by Elmer Ellsworth Green, Ph.D., published by the Philosophical Research Society, 2001.

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  1. trudy summers says:

    Words for me to ponder today . . . and beyond.

  2. Lucia says:

    Thank you Celia and thank you Elmer for your wisdom and discernment!

  3. Jeff says:

    I thinkElmer hits the nail on the head. Thank you for sharing this.

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