Update – The Great Invocation

Jack Stucki has let me know that the Energy Being appeared again later and suggested some changes beyond the ones found in the version of The Great Invocation that was published in WINN last week. (Please read that first if you haven’t already.)

The other changes suggested by the Energy Being included using the word LOVE instead of GOD in the first and fourth lines and changing the twelfth line – the one about evil – to read,
“To engage in dance with the darkness.” 

The Energy Being added that a better description than its appearance being like the rays of color found in Kirlian photographs would be,
”… that of a fractal, but mankind does not yet understand the true nature of fractals.”

 Here are the words for The Great Invocation given to Jack – for now.
From the point of LIGHT within the mind of LOVE
May all awaken to that same LIGHT within our own mind
To restore this LIGHT upon the Earth

From the point of LIGHT within the heart of Love
May all awaken to that same LIGHT within our own heart
May all who volunteered for this time awaken

From the center where the will of LOVE is known
May all awaken to serve the purpose of this will
The purpose which the awakened know and serve.

From the center where the race of humans is known
Let the plan of Love and Light work out
To engage in dance with the darkness.

Let the power and purpose of LOVE and LIGHT
         guide our awakening to ONENESS.

            *     *    *     *     *

To learn more about fractals please read the post by Brenda Molloy, October 5, 2018 titled “Making the Invisible Visible.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Ceila, I am glad you shared this.. I like this much better… Thanks…

  2. Jack Stucki says:

    Yes! And I just check out the fractal image==Wow!

  3. Na Prendergast says:

    Both posts are so beautiful and so profound. Thank you for sharing with us, Celia.

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