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“We come into the world needing others.
Then we are told it’s braver to go it alone.
That independence is the way to accomplish.
But there’s another way to live.
A way that sees the only path to fulfillment – is through others.
That our time here can be deep beyond measure.
No one who chose interdependence ever found despair.
Because what the world taught as weakness, is in fact our greatest virtue.”

 Last May MassMutual Insurance “refreshed” its brand to build on its legacy and to return to the principle that has guided the company since 1851, a principle said by Gareth Ross, Chief Digital and Customer Experience Officer, to be that,
“…we are people coming together to look out for one another.”
It certainly was refreshing to watch and listen to this television ad.
Actually it was more than refreshing, I felt like cheering!

The message about interdependence that this Fortune 500 Company is using to attract new customers reaches back past their own beginnings. It is part of what has been taught for many, many centuries – the profound knowledge that we are all connected and fare better when love and caring matter. MassMutual is presenting this very old wisdom (the perennial wisdom) with beauty and heart-touching images and it goes far beyond the usual commercial approach to narrow self-interest. It’s worth watching without thinking about buying anything.

Thank you, MassMutual Insurance Company.
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  1. Jack Stucki says:

    Beautiful message, dear Celia!

  2. Lisbeth Bagnold says:

    In this time, when I can feel so disheartened and dispirited, knowing that there are positive act-ers out there gives me hope. “…There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in…” (Thank you, Leonard Cohen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCS_MwkWzes)

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