Intuition Is For Everyone

By Carol Ann Liaros

Many years ago, in the midst of some personal challenges and questions about my life’s direction, I went to see a psychic who had been recommended to me by a friend. Although I believed in the existence of intuition, I was certain that only a few individuals had access to psychic information. In spite of my friend’s optimism about the insights I would receive from this particular psychic, I found after his reading that I felt convinced the information he had given me was not applicable to my life and was total nonsense.

During the course of the reading, he told me that I had psychic abilities and that I would be using these skills to teach others. In fact, he went on to say that I would be doing extensive traveling and working with ‘men in white coats, like doctors and scientists.’ He also stated that I would write a book about my experiences. I felt him inaccurate on every count. If this psychic had any legitimate abilities, I was certain that he had been having an “off “ day.

My own cool reception of the psychic’s reading was in sharp contrast to the enthusiasm of some of my friends who had received readings from him. Although the thought seemed absolutely ridiculous, they were persistent and clearly excited about the idea of my being psychic.

One day a friend showed up at my door with a shopping bag filled with items she had collected from a number of other people. She wanted me to touch each item and give a reading on its owner—which would prove once and for all whether I was psychic. The bag contained rings, watches, hairbrushes, photographs, and many other items. Obediently, I took each item, one by one. As I held it, I attempted to concentrate on the person who was connected with the object. In my mind I “saw” fleeting images and pictures. Sometimes I “heard” words and phrases. And, on occasion, I simply “felt” subtle physical sensations. At times these impressions were no more than gut feelings or hunches; somehow I would “know” something about the individual without knowing exactly how I knew. Throughout this experience, my friend wrote down each impression I gave her—though I was still convinced that the whole thing was just my imagination.

Finally, when the shopping bag was empty, we went back over each item to check it for accuracy. To my surprise, one by one, my impressions turned out to be true. No longer could I simply rationalize my experiences away. Later the thought struck me that if, in fact, I really had psychic abilities, didn’t everyone?

Not too long after, I attended a lecture by the late Hugh Lynn Cayce, son of famed psychic Edgar Cayce, and then head of the Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc. ( the A.R.E.) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. A series of meetings followed that would change my life’s direction and put me on a totally new path. I spoke with Hugh Lynn about my experiences, and after the lecture, he introduced me to members of the Board of Directors of Rosary Hill College and to Dr. Justa Smith, a scientist, educator, and nun who was beginning to do research with healers.

During my work at the Institute I began showing friends and associates how to develop their own ESP, based upon my firsthand experiences. In time, I became more and more involved with psychic research, workshops, and readings that were being conducted with some of the most well-known healers and psychics in the world. The intervening years have proven quite interesting.

When I first began my intuitive work, I must admit that some of my family and friends were not very pleased with the new direction my life had taken. They were afraid that because of my involvement with psychic phenomena, I might somehow lose touch with reality. Although I knew this wasn’t true, I had difficulty convincing them. Over the years, I have discovered that this fear of losing touch with reality is common not only for those who are skeptical of ESP, but also for some individuals who are curious but hesitant about developing their own abilities.

In truth it would be more accurate to state that those individuals who develop their intuitive faculties are much more in touch with reality than those who do not. Modern physicists tell us that solid-appearing objects are not really solid at all; in a sense, the material world and our human bodies are illusory and transitory—something mystics have claimed all along.

“Psychic is of the Soul” (Reading 261-15) by Edgar Cayce

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This post is an excerpt from UNLOCKING YOUR INTUITION: 7 Keys to Awakening Your Psychic Potential by Carol Ann Liaros
4th Dimension Press, an Imprint of A.R.E. Press, 2015  (

Author Carol Ann Liaros has been a workshop presenter, lecturer, and consultant to leaders in business for forty years. She was the subject of psychic research with E. Douglas Dean, PhD, Sister M. Justa Smith, PhD, and Shafica Karagulla, M.D. in a two-year study during which her accuracy in predicting the future was shown to be 93-97%.

She is the co-author of EDGAR CAYCE ON AURAS AND COLORS.
Her website is

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