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Three Aspects of Time

By Genevieve Paulson

Genevieve Paulson is a profound and practical spiritual teacher, author, and great, great, grandmother. This excerpt is from her fifth book, JOURNEY INTO COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, which has the subtitle – Through Reincarnation, Time and Space, Inner and Outer Worlds, Universal Laws, Spirit, Nature, and many other energies along the way. Before trying the meditative  exercise included in this excerpt, you might like to read her first WINN post :
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There are many definitions and explanations of Cosmic Consciousness, but basically it is all that can be known or experienced – and beyond that. It is the total of everything. The same consciousness that goes through persons (developed or not) goes through all of nature: everything that is in the cosmos.

Most persons have only a limited awareness of Cosmic Consciousness. Many others have no idea that it even exists. On occasion, persons may have experiences that reveal some of the magnitude of this state of being. The Canadian psychiatrist Richard M. Bucke, in his book COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, writes about what happens when having an awareness of it. Some of the experiences include ‘an intellectual enlightenment or illumination…moral exaltation, indescribable feeling of elevation, elation and joyousness.’ Reading or hearing about such states helps us to understand what is possible and to validate our own experiences.

There are three main aspects of time that relate to us.
The first we call Time One – personal time. It functions through each of us while we are on earth. It has divisions that are constant. Yesterday is always yesterday. Today is always today. Tomorrow is always tomorrow. Some days seem short, and some seem long. It depends on our attitude towards time and our use of it.

Time Two – dream/vision time is in us and around us. It is not limited to chronological time. It contains records of our past, present, and possible futures. It functions through our dreams, visions, meditations, and intuitions. It is not personal and goes through everyone. This allows many unrelated persons to have warning dreams of the same nature. Persons with close connections also have shared dreams.

Time Three is cosmic or eternal time. It is all one and contains past, present, and futures. It is in the divine area,

We are most able to interact with the first two times. We can make the most changes with Time One. Time Two takes more effort. Time Three is at such a high level it requires more capability. We can experience some of Time Three in meditative states; it is peaceful and nourishing. Learning to work with these time energies can greatly enhance our growth and understanding of ourselves and our paths.

Time One comes into our bodies at mid-chest level and moves through the body from front to back. The past is behind us and the future is in front of us. What goes through us is what we have today, and it is the only time we can act. We cannot act yesterday or tomorrow. That energy is not in our bodies. Only the present is in our bodies and available for action. Time is in all of our bodies, but the area in the mid-chest is the focal point where we can most easily work with it.

If a person is laid back or always thinking about the past, time can’t move well. If we are always thinking about the future and what can be done later, we can’t function well in the present, either!

Time is something that is relevant to each of us in our own way. How we relate to it, think about it, and use it, is very individual. Some persons feel time is their friend and do well with it. Others may not have a good relationship with time.

Here is a meditation, an awareness exercise, on what you might do to slow down Time One:
There are things we can do with this timeline, in order to better relate to it.
If we let this timeline go through our chests in a narrow form, we will tend to be always short of time and never too comfortable with it. When we move some of the timeline out our sides, we will experience time slowing down. This gives us more time to smell the flowers, enjoy nature, be at peace. It also gives us the feeling of more time and so we can get more done and not feel so rushed.

When we move some of Time One out each side of our chests, we will bring us a sense of peace. The sideways effect does not actually give us more time, it gives us more fullness of time. The effect  is that we have a sense of more time. If we send the energy out further, we may become quite peaceful, and so connected to Time Three/eternal time that we don’t care if we do anything.

(There is an illustration in the book that could not be included here, but to put the diagram in words: Imagine time coming in from the front, in the middle of our chests, travelling out of our bodies sideways from under our arms as well as out through the back.)

Meditation: Slowing Time Down
1.  Be aware of how the timeline feels in your chest.
2.  Do you feel rushed or anxious? If you are already peaceful, you may just get  more so by this meditation.
3.  Feel the timeline in the middle of your chest. Imagine some of it going out each side. Let it go out about one or two feet.
4.  Can you feel energy slowing down and becoming more peaceful?

It definitely is not healthy to stay there for long periods of time. Our bodies need some movement! Energy coming in through the front of the body can be called our “doing” time. When it goes out the side it is our “being” time.

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Genevieve Paulson’s book JOURNEY INTO COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS, written with her son Stephen J. Paulson, is available through Amazon. It was published in May.

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