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A Life of Creativity, Curiosity, and Love

by Celia Coates

Marilyn Hughey Phillis (1927 – 2022) had a long and wonderful life filled with creativity, curiosity, and love. She studied bacteriology and chemistry at Ohio State University and after graduating in 1949, worked as an analytic chemist on national defense projects. But her great work was as an artist. She won national awards for her painting and published a best-selling book, TECHNIQUES FOR RELEASING THE CREATIVE SPIRIT. In her life as an artist and a teacher, Marilyn explored the intersection of art and science with a special interest in consciousness and spirituality.

She created a fully-engaged life with her work and her ties to the many people she knew.  Marilyn had a delightful sense of humor and many of us will remember her laughing – even at herself. She knew the joys of friendship and reached out with rich generosity to support others.

That is where this post first came from – from a story she’d heard told by her friend Stephanie Rayner, a story that Marilyn thought would be a gift for others to read.
http://www.winnpost.org/2017/06/30/the-gifts-of-goodness%5B1%5D/ [1]

You might also like to read a post by Stephanie Rayner about a work of her art that had a public audience unlike what she created for that one three-year-old boy.
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