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And, What Will 2018 Bring?

The title of Barbara Rasor’s first post in WINN was What Is 2017 About? (September 15) and, a couple of weeks ago, I asked her about what lies ahead in 2018.

She said,
“As we finished up 2017 we saw all of what a “1 Year” can bring: scammers, fraud, an attitude of “it’s all about me.” It was a year when masculine energies and action dominated. We are now going into an “11 or 2 Year” and that presents us with a very different situation.”

In numerology all the numbers are added to find the final number: 2018 becomes 2+0+1+8 which equals 11. Usually the 11 would become 1+1 to make the final number 2, but there are three master numbers – 11, 22, and 33 – that break that rule. However, some numerologists do also add the final 1s to produce an additional possibility. This is both an “11 and a 2 Year” and both numbers can be used to symbolize what is likely to happen. Master numbers also indicate meanings that go above and beyond what’s usual and ordinary.

Barbara said,
“With the 11, we are presented with two 1s back to back and they can either be in harmony or in opposition. 2018, with the double 1s, could be a time of oneness or one of unimaginable chaos. An 11 Year creates a spiritual message or truth by placing the heart before the mind, and over the years I’ve learned that the heart stands for truth not love. This is a year when the heart leads the mind in a dance of duality and fight for top billing. Only when there is open-hearted truth do we experience the universe, the divine, and all that it can truly teach us. Truth can be ugly and still open the heart: that is when we see the bitter truth of what humans can do to each other and the world. It is our choice whether our hearts will open to see clearly what is in us and around us.

If you allow the negative passions and the mind to rule in chaos, just about anything can happen. Then there will be a bumpy ride, fast and furious. This leads to more selfishness, fear, internal disarray as the heart tries to speak truth and narrow mindedness tries to shut it down.”

 Barbara went on to say,
“We have to ask ourselves – am I one with myself, allowing my heart to lead? Or am I trying to achieve something that my heart cannot support? When we cannot come to terms with the self, we step into the energy of “2.” There is nothing wrong with this number – it is about receptivity, patience, cooperation, sensitivity, compromise, and it carries the energy of the feminine. 2 can support the right beginnings of things and good innovations, so if you are not able to be a leader yourself, lend your energy to those people who are bringing in good changes.

 2018 will take us a great step forward if we learn to listen to the heart/soul and allow the mind/reason to help us figure out how to make it happen. Each of us knows the truth and yet we let “being rational” tell us otherwise. In this year what is going on will be out in the open for all to see and it will affect more people than usual. We can create clarity by learning to trust the heart and allow it to reveal where we are still stuck in ourselves and in our societies. We need to pull our intuitive awareness into ourselves first and then allow the truths that are perceived to guide us through the year.”

Barbara advises,
“In January do the work of listening to your heart and distinguish between what you really know and what you have learned to just believe.”

 She went on to rough out what the following months might involve,
For both February and May: global, natural, or financial upheaval
March: global and local revelations of the abuse of freedom
April: issues about workforce and labor
July: a crossroad for what have we learned about truth
August: making a choice about which way to go on the crossroad
September: passion-driven global upheaval
October: truth and non-truth will both appear
November: passion for truth and passion for greed will appear globally
December: abuse of freedom will be revealed and challenged

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Barbara’s website is: https://www.emotionalintuitive.com[1] [1]

(The WINN editor, Celia, suggests seeing the new Matt Damon movie, DOWNSIZING, because it is a fine way to see what can go wrong when you make choices that your heart cannot support and what can go right when you follow your own truth.)