Introducing “Feedback”

I’ve been hoping for a while to find a good way to receive comments and questions from readers. A week or two ago a comment was posted on the “About” page of WINN that provided a solution. And, not only did Melanie Swain find a way to make a general statement, what she had to say was very welcome:
“Sharing knowledge combined with compassion can only increase its potential for positive action where the one goal is shared: to be able to live in harmony with each other on this planet. I feel we are all connected and believe one heart and mind is the way forward.”            

With just a few words she named part of WINN’s purpose – to share knowledge that can improve our ability to live with compassion and result in greater harmony. For so many in our world feeling that we are all connected seems like nonsense and we are far from sharing a common goal or using our minds and our hearts together for positive action.

I believe that knowing about the multidimensional nature of reality (what we see around us is not all there is) and understanding the “perennial wisdom” we have gained over thousands of years about our own nature and our place in the world are, together, a way forward. Both as individuals and as societies we need to extend our grasp of what is real and truly important.

WINN presents posts on a wide variety of subjects so we can share what we know. Personal experiences and standard research methods are useful ways to gather information about states of consciousness, healing, and psychic or paranormal phenomena and WINN includes both approaches.

Please click on “Feedback” on the WINNpost website if you have a comment, a question, or a suggestion. Is there a topic you would like to learn more about? One friend has asked for information about how to find a good psychic – that post will appear in the weeks ahead.

If you have a story about your own experiences, please send in a brief description and perhaps it could then become a post to share with others.

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