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Finding Your Creativity

Robin Ha[1] wrote a New York Times best-selling book (COOK KOREAN!: A Comic Book With Recipes) after she discovered she could combine her skills as a professional artist with her enjoyment of making really good food. She learned a lot about herself and creativity along the way.

It takes courage to be creative – and persistence, especially if you are trying something new.

Early on many of us assume that our critics are right and we really can’t paint, or sing, or dance or at least we can’t do any of that well enough. We’ve come to believe there is just one right way to do anything that is usually called “creative” so we give up – often in elementary school.

But Robin says that being creative is open to all of us, that it is a source of energy and it makes us happy. It’s worth finding our fearlessness and jettisoning those critical voices so we can discover how much we can do. She says, “The imperfections often turn into individuality and ingenuity.”

Her own realization that many kinds of creativity have a common element that can be expressed in different ways is inspired and innovative.

This post is an excerpt from a talk Robin gave at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. It’s honest, wise, and offers advice anyone can use.  And, what she has created is delightful!

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